Get Your Home Staged and Ready to Sell

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Get Your Home Staged and Ready to Sell


It's a Seller's Market right now in Killeen/ Fort Hood Texas area and staging will set your home apart from similar ones in the area. Staging allows you to improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers by arranging furniture and décor to bring out its best features. Even if you don’t wish to hire a professional stager, there are still ways to give your home an extra advantage before presenting to potential buyers.

Here are some easy steps to get your home staged and ready to sell.

Focus on the best parts of your home. Every home is different in its own way. Highlight that special feature you fell in love with. You want the buyer to connect to the home on a emotional level. Have the couch facing the fireplace so they can image cozy nights there. Create that backyard oasis around the swimming pool.

Boost Curb Appeal. As a seller you want to make a great first impression. The first thing a buyer sees is the front of the your home. Whether it is from a picture or by driving by, the buyer sees the outside first. It is your job to attract their attention. Start by removing all trash and dead debris from your yard. Cut the grass. Get rid of weeds. Add some black mulch around the tree base, in the flower bed, etc. Take down personal signage.   

Clear the Clutter. Removing knickknacks and personal items creates a neutral space. You want buyers to see what your home has to offer, not to look at you and all of the things you are into. By removing the clutter it creates space. Space makes rooms appear larger and inviting. 

Clear The Air. There is nothing worst to a buyer than walking in a home and it has an odor! As the saying goes, sellers get "Nose Blind" by smells when they are in it every day. Odor can come from anywhere. From your pets, smoking, vaping, trash, and even cooking to name a few. So clear the air! Replace all AC filters. If you need to hire a professional to clean the vents throughout the home. You may have to replace the carpet and padding, or even paint the walls. Just keep in mind potential buyers can get distracted from looking at your home if all they can do is smell a foul odor.

Staging the Bathroom. Clean from top to bottom. Put all bath toys, shampoos, and even soaps up neatly in the cabinets. Believe it or not but clearing off the counter-top makes the bathroom look larger than what it seems! Straighten under the sinks (buyers like to look under sinks to make sure there is no water damage). Even though they may be more than one person using the bathroom at any giving time, you need to make it appear as if there is only one person.

Staging the Kitchen. Adding or replacing old hardware can easily change and update a kitchen. If in the budget, replace outdated kitchen appliances for more current ones. If you have decor in the kitchen that is smaller than a football, pack it up. The buyer needs to see how much counter-top and space you have, not your salt and pepper shaker collection.

In the Living Room. Clean and clear the floor. If needed, replace damage floor boards, get the carpet steam cleaned, clean the grout. Use tubs or decorative baskets to store the kids and pet toys out the walkways. Scale down furniture and decor. If you have two couches in the space use only one.  If you have built-in bookshelves or ledges, clean and clear them off. Use a few decorative pieces (remember bigger than a football) to highlight the feature, not hide it.

The Bedrooms. Remove unnecessary furniture (extra chairs, dressers, etc) and pack any unneeded items away. If you used a bedroom as a gym, craft room, or as storage, turn it back into a bedroom or clear it completely out. Let the buyer decide what to use the room for. When a buyer reads a listing that says 4 bedrooms they expect to see 4 bedrooms, not 2 bedrooms, a gym, and storage room.

With that in mind. Turn dining areas into dining areas and living spaces into living spaces. The type of light in the space usually tells you the type of space it was meant for. Have you ever visited a family or friends house and wondered why they had a chandelier type of light in their office? They turned a formal dining room into an office space. Always remember show your space, less is more.